The 2013 advertising campaign
Donner éclaire des vies... l'histoire d'Aristide
Donner éclaire des vies... l'histoire de Sylvie
Donner éclaire des vies... l'histoire d'André

Centraide’s new advertising campaign targets prejudice to illustrate the benefits of generosity

With the theme of “Giving brightens lives”, this campaign is a continuation of last year’s theme ; however, prejudice now serves as a springboard to present life stories transformed by generosity. Publicis Montréal has reused the concept of the stylized hand from the Centraide logo, transformed into a pair of illuminated wings on three characters whose appearances could result in hasty assumptions. The illuminated wings represent renewed hope for anyone going through dark times.

Discover the stories of these three individuals who regained power over their lives because other people gave them the assistance and comfort they needed to overcome hardship. The goal is to show that results can only be achieved when generosity overcomes prejudice.

2012 Fundraising Campaign

Last September 26, Centraide Laurentides launched its annual fund-raising campaign at the Centre Culturel Louis-St-Laurent in Ville De Lorraine. Some 75 guests from various business and community organizations attended the « 4 to 6 » event.

The president of Centraide’s 50th campaign, Sylvie Laganière, who is also interim director of the CSSS Pays-d’en-Haut, unveiled this year’s theme — “Donating is uplifting”. All Centraides in Québec will use the same theme.

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